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Dodoni – the Greek cheese and milk company who’s name is synonym with Feta cheese – needed a site for the US market. using a wordpress template, I created a design that simple and fresh and speaks volumes of both Dodoni’s heritage and unique brand.

dodoni_home_v3dodoni_about dodoni_blog

Heal Usa
Heal USA needed a contemporary design for their one of a kind styled shoes. Using their catalog images and product shots a WP site that fit their needs was created to give their clientele a smooth shopping experience.


Costume Box
Costume Box is a costume site located in Australia. The needed an updated look to their site that will present their abundant costumes but will also enable the client to get as much as info on the costume as needed prior to the actual purchase. Presented are two versions, the client went with the second one.



Elora’s Cave
Elora’s cave is a leading brand in erotic literature and needed to update their old website. They were specific with their logo and background demands, but otherwise wanted a lush, sexy feel.


physician sales & service inc supply medical equipment and services. I wanted to avoid a grim look but still maintain a health industry look while pointing out as much about their brands and equipment. The client eventually went with a different direction.